This page contains examples of work I've done involving storytelling.

Storytelling With Video
This a jumbotron video for the Milwaukee Indy Fest showcasing XYQ Inc.

This a promotional video I did for a local dentist's office

This is a video I created to promote a benefit for comedian Ron Shock

This is a video I created that was shown at the benefit for Ron Shock

The following is a short film I created. I wrote the script and directed most of the scenes.

What's Wrong With Mama (project website)

Behind the Story: I love to vacation at Walt Disney World in Florida. While on one of my trips, I overheard a character pitching a show called "Mama's Got a Mustache." Our story is loosely based on this title.

THIS VIDEO BELOW IS NOT 3D.  You don't need your 3D glasses for this one.
This movie I created is an exercise in storytelling with motion graphics using rasterized images.

Written Storytelling

The following is a summary of the backstory I wrote for the project that was entered into the 2012 Disney ImagiNations contest. Myself along with three fellow students created a brand new attraction from the ground up that combined Disney's attention to detail and their recent acquisition of the Marvel franchise.

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